DVR Remote Access Guide

DVR Remote Guide

In these always connected days, you want to be able to keep an eye on your security cameras where ever you are. That's why all of our CCTV surveillance systems have the ability to be viewed from virtually any internet-connected device where ever you have an internet connection. From PCs to Macs, iPhones to Android, there is an option to view your DVR system mobily and remotely.

iMaxCamPro Mobile Apps

For our standalone DVRs you have the option of viewing your cameras on a PC or Mac, and there are mobile apps available for the iPhone and Android smartphones as well as iPad and Android tablets. All of the options allow you to view all of your cameras from any number of DVRs on one screen wherever you have a connection to the internet. It doesn't matter if you're on a cellphone data connection or physical internet link, you have access to your cameras where ever you are.

Smartphone DVR Viewer

From your smartphone you can view your cameras and even control PTZ cameras via an on-screen joystick. The iPhone and Android DVR viewer apps allow four cameras on screen at once, but if you have more than four cameras on your DVR system you can create pre-set groups of favorites and swipe the screen to display a different four cameras at a time.

DVR Mobile AccessDVR Mobile Access
Download iMaxCam on the App Store

The app is available as a free download. A Pro version of the app is also available for purchase and adds the ability to view recorded footage from your surveillance system on your mobile device.
DVR Mobile Access DVR Mobile Access
Download iMaxCam on Google Play

Computer CMS Software

Also available as a free download and on the disc included with every digital video recorder is a free piece of CMS software called PSS. Available for PCs and Mac the software allows you to view cameras from up to fifty different DVRs on screen with the ability to mix and match cameras from multiple systems in one display. This is useful if you have an analog and IP system and you want to view all of the cameras at once on one screen.

DVR Mobile Access

With the PC version of the software you can also view and save recorded footage from your CCTV DVR right to the hard drive of whatever remote system you are on. The Mac version of the software is currently only a viewer and does not yet support the viewing of recorded footage or downloading footage.

How To Guides:

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-Web Sevice Manual

- Firefox How To (PC Only)
- iPhone & iPad How To
- Android How To

GeoVision Remote Connections

Main System Software

GeoVision's software is a robust solution that can support up to a total of thirty-two cameras in any combination of analog, IP, and HD-SDI. It allows you to have analog cameras being fed into the software via a DVR capture cad and then add additional cameras to the display through IP or an additional HD-SDI DVR card. The software also integrates with LPR and access control solutions, which allows you to control your entire security system in one convienent piece of sofware.

DVR Mobile Access

In addition to web browser access, you can remotely access your GeoVision surveillance system through remote software for both viewing the cameras and remote playback of recorded footage. Both of these remote access clients are included with every GeoVision software install and can easily be installed either from the software CD or through the remote access web interface on a system connecting to the DVR computer via the internet.

Mobile Software

For iPhone and Android mobile devices, the GV-iView and GV-AView software allows you to view all of your cameras connected to the digital video recorder system or the network video recorder system. The app supports multiple cameras on-screen at once, and you can swipe with your finger to cycle through pages of cameras. Both apps are free downloads via the Apple Appstore and Google Play. In order to connect the app to your GeoVision system you will need to be running the latest version of the software.

DVR Mobile AccessDVR Mobile Access

Download GV-iView (iPhone)

Download GV-AView (Android)

IP Camera Remote Access

GeoVision IP cameras do not need to be connected into the GeoVision Software in order to be viewed remotely. In addition to a web browser remote access client through the camera's IP address; there is also a free Mobile Viewer App that allows you to connect directly to a GeoVision IP camera via its IP address and view it anywhere you have an internet connection. The GV-Eye App is also a free download for iOS and Android devices.

Download GV-Eye (iPhone)

Download GV-Eye (Android)

HD-SDI Smartphone and Computer Access

iPhone and Adroid HD Viewing

Standalone HD CCTV digital recording systems also support viewing your high-definition cameras wherever you are. The free mViewer app allows you to view up to four cameras on your smartphone screen at once, and each camera delivers a full HD image to view all the detail you want right in the palm of your hand.
Download iMaxCam on the App Store Download iMaxCam on Google Play

Full PC & Mac Support

Our HD-SDI systems also offer a free, full-featured, CMS program for both the PC and Mac. Both platforms share the same features, such as the ability to view multiple cameras from multiple DVRs up to a total of 255 cameras, but each program is written natively for each platform. That means the Mac OS version is a native Mac app while still sharing all of the features from the PC version.

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