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Keyscan, Inc.

Keyscan, Inc.

"The mission at Keyscan has always been to engineer and market the best in access control systems and offer unsurpassed customer service and technical support within the security industry."

Established as a privately-owned company in 1984, Keyscan has been equipping businesses, organizations, and institutions with integrated access control systems that regulate and monitor building access.

Through the years, Keyscan has held steadfast in its commitment to build premium systems using advanced technology and uncompromising quality. Every control panel sold by Keyscan is meticulously assembled and thoroughly tested before it's ever packed and shipped to a customer. And Keyscan's access control management software applications, all developed in-house, each offer a rich array of security features in an easy-to-operate, intuitive layout.

By rigidly adhering to the company's mission, Keyscan manufactures systems that endure the test of time, offering reliable operation you can depend on day in and day out, 365 days a year. And every system is backed with Keyscan's industry-renowned technical support.

Keyscan systems are sold by its network of dealers and distributors throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, Great Britain, and Europe.

HID-1351 Prox Pass Active Vehicle Tag
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Product #: 63401
$152.97 $89.23
K-PROX2 Proximity Reader
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Product #: 42624
$249.88 $149.93
PROXKEYIII-26 Hid Proximity Key Tag 26 Bit Format (25/Package)
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Product #: 66279
$400.00 $157.50
CS125-36 Keyscan 125 KHZ Compatible Clamshell Prox Card-36 Bit with Slot Punch
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Product #: 63267
$452.97 $264.23
PX-C1 Proximity Card Credit Cd Sz 50 With Logo
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Product #: 63248
$473.97 $276.48
HID-C1325-50 Keyscan 36 Bit Standard Prox Card (50 Pack)
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Product #: 63225
$494.97 $288.73
K-SECURE 1K Mifare 1K Contactless Secure Smart Card 50 Pack
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Product #: 63445
$506.97 $295.73
CS125-26 Clamshell Prox Card - 26 Bit Pkg Of 50 Cards
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Product #: 63338
$515.97 $300.98
MSC Keyscan Magstripe Card Pak 50
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Product #: 63145
$536.97 $313.23
PXC1-26 Indala Proximity Card 26Bit Pack Of 50
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Product #: 63316
$536.97 $313.23
HID-C1326 26 Bit Key Card Package Of 50
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Product #: 63268
$557.97 $325.48
KEY2K2C Iclass2000 Hid 2K, 2 applications Smart Card 50Pack
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Product #: 63447
$623.97 $363.98
KSECURE4K Keyscan 4K Mifare Contactless Smartcard - 50 Pack
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Product #: 63457
$647.97 $377.98
HID-C1386-26 RF Proximity Card (Pack of 50)
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Product #: 63402
$798.00 $399.00
HID-1391 Micro Prox Tag
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Product #: 63300
$686.97 $400.73