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HD over COAX Camera Systems

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The Fast, Easy Way To UPGRADE to HD Video with COAX Cable HD-CVI is an over coaxial-cable analog video transmission standard. CVI technology enables audio, video, and PTZ data transmission over a single coaxial cable, at distance of up to 1500 FT. Our HD-CVI DVRs stream and record at 30 FPS on every input, while maintaining a low price and giving high-end features. By using this technology, you can improve previous standard definition analog video system with high definition analog video system video system. Each kit will come with HD-CVI surveillance cameras as well coaxial cable and a DVR. We offer kits ranging from 4-channels to 16-channels. HD CVI camera systems are high quality and cost-efficient HD camera systems for business and home use. When it comes to ensuring that you can record audio as well as video through your surveillance system, there's a new kid on the block and it is HD CVI Camera Systems. High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) is a relatively new signal type for HD security cameras that first hit the marketplace in early 2014. Having had our hands in it since it's conception, you'd be hard pressed to find better experts on the subject than WorldEyeCam. Order HD-CVI Security Cameras today!