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Vari-Focal Lenses

1/2 CS 2.3MM Fixed Lens
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Product #: 86437
$98.00 $30.00
2 MP 2.8-12mm Verifocal Lens
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Product #: 85025
3 MP 10-50mm Varifocal Lens
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Product #: 85026
3.0 MP 7-70mm Varifocal Lens
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Product #: 85027
Fujinon 1/2.7" & 1/3" 2.2-6MM 3MP Day/Night CS Mount Lens
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Product #: 87084
$799.00 $499.00

Vari-Focal Lenses

Vari-Focal Lenses

iMaxCamPro offers a series of varifocal lenses for their surveillance cameras. Varifocal lenses are able to zoom and focus in on a specific object. Each of these lenses attach to the security camera using a standard C/CS mount. They capture high resolution images ranging from 2 megapixels to 3 megapixels. Varifocal lenses are an important surveillance camera feature for users looking to capture the best angle of a given scene. Browse iMaxCamPro’s selection of varifocal lenses to find the best fit for your security needs.