iMaxCamPro Cameras

Network IP surveillance cameras are at the cutting edge of video surveillance technology. They are quickly becoming the most popular choice for surveillance needs because they offer high resolution video and easy installation. They are wireless and connect via an internet connection which means there is no need to drill holes for indiscreet wires. The security cameras can be accessed remotely via PC or smart phone. Footage is high resolution, sometimes exceeding 1080p. Network video recorders are not necessary with these surveillance cameras because they are a network device in themselves.

WorldEyeCam is the exclusive retailer of iMaxCamPro IP surveillance cameras. Each product in this series records high resolution video ranging from 720p all the way up to 12 megapixels. IP surveillance cameras are wireless, transmitting video over an internet connection. They can be installed virtually anywhere without unsightly wires running through your property. There are a variety of styles in this series, from the discreet bullet security cameras to the auto tracking pan/tilt/zoom security cameras which capture a 360 degree view. If you are looking for high definition surveillance cameras that are reliable and easy to install then the iMaxCamPro IP series is for you.