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Rutherford Controls Model# 0162X32D


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Rutherford Controls Model# 0162X32D offers a complete mains-powered three LED light head setup with a Dedoflex mini softbox, three mains power supplies, three DST stands, and a soft case for carrying. The rear of the case offers plenty of room for storing cables and essentials, while the case's all-black hardware offers a sleek and unassuming appearance.The case features a Digital Honeycomb laminated exterior, a sliding laptop platform, and a high-density foam interior.This provides you with a compact, yet powerful light capable of 2,800-6,000K that is focusable from 60 to 4°. The light is also dimmable and has an excellent CRI of >91 for excellent color rendition. Additionally, the light has tilt with permanent friction and cools passively, meaning no loud fans to interrupt shooting.

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