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Cabinet Loudspeaker, 100 W


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SKU: LBC 3800/10
Product #: 98232


This loudspeaker cabinet is part of the Bosch comprehensive range of audio products and accessories for sound reinforcement and public address. It is specifically designed for situations where both high quality speech and music reproduction are require d, and is typically used for fixed installations in auditoriums, conference venues, community centers, theaters, multipurpose halls and sports halls. The LBC 3800/10 100 W stage loudspeaker is compact yet powerful. Its excellent sound reproduction capa bility is attributed to the use of arrayed professional quality components. It contains a highquality 12" woofer with a 1-3/8" voice coil titanium high-frequency driver, linked via a special crossover/equalizer network for optimal sound reproduction. A self-restoring passive element protects the highfrequency driver against incidental overload.

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  • High-quality reproduction of speech and music
  • Attractive MDF cabinet
  • Trapezoidal shape
  • Heavy-duty metal grille
  • 12" high-power woofer






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