ASK-4 KIT #304 Louroe Electronics Four Zone Interface Audio Kit


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Audio Drain Wire:

ASK-4 #304 is a four zone audio monitoring system designed for direct connection to a DVR, PC soundcard or IP Network Camera. Model IF-4 Interface Adapter (usually mounted near the recording device) receives the wiring from the Verifact A Microphones, supplies power and drives the audio signals into the DVR, IP Network Camera, Video Server or PC Soundcard. In order to accommodate the various types of audio inputs of the audio receiving device, the IF-4 provides two different types of audio cabling:

Kit Contains:

  • 4 Verifact A Microphones
  • Model IF-4 Interface Adapter
  • Model AD-1 12Vdc Power Supply
  • 4 Single RCA Cable
  • 4 RCA to 3.5 mono Adapter for use with DVR, IP Camera etc.

A connector cable for each type is included with ASK-4 #304. Distance between the Verifact A Microphone and Model IF-4 Interface Adapter may be up to 1,000 ft.(305m) using recommended wiring.

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