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Custom Built Geovision Server: Supports 1-128 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91258
$12,104.00 $1,451.00
Customizable Hybrid GeoVision NVR/DVR: Supports 1 up to 32 IP Megapixel Cameras NVR Network Video Recorder
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Product #: 36929
$12,104.00 $1,451.00
Custom Built Geovision AS Manager Server
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Product #: 99338
$3,999.00 $2,199.00
16 CH DVR with 16 HD 4MP Eyeball Cameras HD Kit for Business Professional Grade FREE 1TB Hard Drive
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Product #: 90222
16 CH DVR with 16 HD 4MP Bullet Cameras HD Kit for Business Professional Grade FREE 1TB Hard Drive
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Product #: 90226
16 CH DVR with 16 HD 4MP Dome Cameras HD Kit for Business Professional Grade FREE 1TB Hard Drive
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Product #: 90229
Exacqvision Custom Rack-mount Server
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Product #: 91282
$12,104.00 $4,296.00
Custom Built Geovision Server: Supports 64-128 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91326
$12,104.00 $9,648.00
Pre-Built GV-NVR Supports 8 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91279
$5,249.99 $4,999.00
Pre-Built GV-NVR Supports 16 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91278
$7,500.00 $5,999.00
Pre-Built GV-NVR Supports 32 IP Cameras
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Product #: 91280
$9,000.00 $6,999.00
256 Channel Ultra Network Video Recorder w/ 24 Hotswap Bays / RAID / 7" Front LCD Display / Redundant Power Supply
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Product #: 89732
$16,998.00 $8,999.00
32ch NVR: 4ch dedicated to Human Body Detection Face Detection and Analysis Face recognition and Analytics based on deep learning algorithm
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Product #: 99374
$16,998.00 $11,999.00



Hotels Video Surveillance Systems

Managing a hotel comes with many responsibilities, from staffing and services to attending an array of guest’s needs. Guaranteeing the safety of staff, guests, and property is no small task. While many hotels are still relying on older CCTV surveillance systems, many are now upgrading to cutting-edge IP video technology. Using CAT5 or CAT6 cables allows for the surveillance system to grow and be upgraded as time passes. Because hotels are such large facilities, cameras with tilt/pivot/zoom capabilities work best to allow wide visibility and prevent blind spots. Intelligent motion detection, facial recognition and searchable storage enable security to locate specific persons or items in the surveillance footage with ease. Video motion detection can analyze between 1-15 frames of data per second, depending on the technology being used.

One of our top brands, Uniview, provided video surveillance solution for three Hilton hotels and resorts in the United Arab Emirates: Hilton Hotel and Spa Resort RAK, Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort, and Hilton Residence and Village.


Uniview provided a comprehensive video surveillance solution for Hilton Hotel and Spa Resort RAK and back-end products for the other two hotels.

In Hilton Hotel and Spa Resort RAK, more than 300 IP cameras are installed not only in public areas, but also staff working areas including water tanks, electrical rooms, gas cylinder areas, kitchens, safes, stores, and archiving and control rooms. In Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort and Hilton Residence and Village, NVR516 and disk enclosures are used to connect and manage Axis cameras, constantly storing video feeds day and night.


Corridor mode is supported on Uniview cameras and highly useful for hallway monitoring. Using a 9:16 vertically oriented video stream, corridor mode increases visibility by 40% in corridors and hallways. In hotel lobbies, glass doors can cause brightness in the background of the image. Uniview’s true WDR cameras provide clear image quality and protect against over exposure and glare.

Uniview also applies anti-corrosion painting powder and surface treatment on its cameras, which are all-weather adopted and can work in high temperatures and humidity.

In order to keep the system working safely, NVR516 provides a backup power supply in the event of a power outage. For data storage, NVR516 provides backups of Independent Disks like RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10. Even if one of the HDD’s malfunctions, NVR can prevent the loss of even one moment of security footage and rebuild RAID quickly. Built-in 16 SATA interfaces and two mini SAS interfaces and NVR516 provide 90 days of 24/7 uninterrupted recording on hundreds of cameras. This much storage allows retro analysis of feeds from up to three months prior.

NVR516 supports 128 camera inputs and storage for single NVR. One hotel deploying 4 NVR516 can easily manage up to 500 cameras. All cameras, especially those in key areas, can be monitored with multiple screens in real time. No matter where an event happens, guards can see and react swiftly and accordingly.

As the world’s leading video surveillance solution provider, Uniview is covering more and more industries including world-class hotels, shopping malls, city surveillance, banks, hospitals, educations, factories etc. Uniview will spare no effort on providing high quality products, cutting edge technologies and professional services for global customers.

As many hotels have unique and artistic décor, certain styles of cameras (such as ones with recessed mounting) are often encouraged. Hotel management may want to have a design team consult with the surveillance system installers to decide on the camera system that works best for them.

To avoid issues of privacy, cameras should only be installed in public areas such as concierge, swimming pools, conference rooms, restaurants and gyms, which are common areas for criminal activity. To avoid damage to the surveillance system weatherproof and vandal proof cameras are highly recommended, as is mounting in areas out of the reach of guests and employees.

With a sophisticated surveillance system in place, hotels are able to prevent theft and monitor incidents with guests. The system may also be used while training staff to ensure guests are receiving the highest level of customer service. Also, installing cameras in store rooms may prevent employee theft. Scroll down to view security solutions like Hilton’s, available for the best price and guaranteed quality exclusively at World Eye Cam. Our large selection of surveillance equipment ensures you will find the products you need to keep your business safe. World Eye Cam is not just a retail store; we also have years of experience in security camera installation so we can make the most informed recommendations about what security system is right for you. We stand behind our products 100% and we will stay with you for the long haul to ensure you stay satisfied with our products.

All of our products come with FREE lifetime technical support by phone, email or chat. Our technicians are here to help with whatever questions you might have. We can help guide you through the step-by-step process of building the best surveillance system with tips on the best cameras, recorders and accessories for your needs and budget. Our team will make sure you have everything you need for the most affordable cost. Call us today at 888-211-2288 for more information on how to get your surveillance system project started.

Camera System Design

Designing a unique surveillance system for your home or business is as easy as clicking your mouse with our new Custom Kit Builder.  With intuitive prompts that guide you along the way, you are in control of your camera styles, NVR or DVR size, power accessories and hard drive space.   Still have questions, give us a call, our expert technicians are here to help.  Your brand new system is only a few clicks away.

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