UNV Uniview - PTZ Dome Pendant Mount

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Product #: 86525
Manufacturer: Uniview

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This dome pendant mount for Pan – Tilt – Zoom cameras (also known as PTZ cameras) comes equipped with all bolts, latches, locks etc that are necessary for its set up, making it extremely easy to handle. Made out of durable aluminum alloy material, this mount is great for both indoor and outdoor use as it withstands weather condition and protects the interior from rust, insects or technical issues like short-circuits.


A recent discount of 44% just made this PTZ dome pendant mount extremely affordable at the price tag of 50 US dollars. Not to forget it also comes with a 3 year warranty that further safeguards the customer from any mishaps or accidents.


This dome pendant mount comes in the regular size of 116.5mm x 239mm or 4.6 inch x 9.4inch, and weighing just about 1.5 lbs. it’s also very suited for indoor, inconspicuous set up that ensure the safety of your indoor space.



PTZ Dome Pendant Mount


Product Features


  • Indoor or outdoor
  • PTZ Dome Pendant installation



Model TR-CE45-IN
PTZ Dome Pendant Mount  
Bracket TR-CE45-IN
Application Indoor or outdoor, PTZ Dome Pendant installation
Dimensions Φ116.5mm x 239mm (Φ4.6” x 9.4”)
Weight 0.67kg (1.5lb)
Material Aluminum alloy