UNV Uniview - 3-inch Fixed Dome Indoor Wall Mount

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Product #: 86527
Manufacturer: Uniview

The 4-inch fixed dome wall mount is perfect for indoor and outdoor fixtures, which are used in all types of security surveillance fittings and camera setups. Shipped directly over the course of 2-3 days this wall mount comes in a box with all its accessories that enable the purchaser to setup the wall mount on any type of wall or ceiling (e.g plaster, brick, wood etc) Its quality is unmatched and is insured by a 3 year warranty which the customer is entitled to upon purchase.


This wall installation for a 4-inch fixed dome comes in the handy and suitable size of 208mm x 125mm x 125mm or also 8.2 inch by 4.9 inch by 4.9 inch, and weighs neatly at almost 1 pound or half a kilogram making it the most suitable size and weight for personal and professional use.


The aluminum alloy surface has a lot of advantagesmaking it look neat while also protecting the inner wiring and ensuring the long term safety of your device.


3-inch Fixed Dome Indoor Wall Mount


Product Features


  • Indoor or outdoor
  • 3-inch Fixed Dome Indoor Wall Mount



Model TR-WM03-IN
3-inch Fixed Dome Indoor Wall Mount  
Bracket TR-WM03-IN
Application wall installation for 3-inch fixed dome
Dimensions 188mm x 126mm x 126mm (7.4” x 5” x 5”)
Weight 0.44kg (0.97lb)
Material Aluminum alloy