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TR-JB03(AC)-IN - UNV Uniview - 3-inch Fixed Dome Junction Box

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Product #: 87045
Camera Type: Box

This dome junction box is the perfect solution for any wall installation for IPC323 Series  Cameras at your office or home walls and ceilings, available at the modest price of 20 US dollars this box comes packed with all accessories and just needs a 10 minutes setup time.


Its compatible size of 145mm x 40mm or 5.7 inch x 1.6 inch makes it extremely handy and easy to setup and also doesn’t take up much space or look out of ordinary. Its light weight of just about half a pound (0.5lb) makes it convenient to fix on any type of walls without risking damaging the wall, and able to withstand accidents.


This dome junction box is made of aluminum alloy casing that again adds in its reliability as it is able to withstand outdoor and extreme weather conditions while keeping your electric connections safe and makes sure your camera keeps on working.

4-inch Fixed Dome Junction Box

Model TR-JB03(AC)-IN
Application Wall installation for IPC36 Series fixed dome
Dimensions Φ126mmx36mm (5.0” x1.4”)
Weight 0.18kg(0.4lb)
Material Aluminium alloy


Data sheet of TR-JB03(AC)-IN

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