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Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) designs, manufactures, and services hardware and software for the residential application of intelligent automation. HAI applies commercial automation industry technology to the residential market.The 48A00-1 4-Button Keyfob Remote is used to send up to 8 different wireless signals to the HAI 45A00-1 Wireless Receiver to activate automation programs in the HAI controller. Each button, or combination of buttons, can activate lighting, arm and disarm the security system, operate a garage door, set off a panic alarm, and many other functions. When you press a button on the Keyfob, a transmission will be sent after a 3/10 second delay. If you wish, you can program the buttons to have a variety of delays to help avoid accidental transmission. When the signal is transmitted, the LED will light for conformation that the transmission was sent. Button 4 is factory programmed to have a 2 second delay. You must press and hold Button 4 for 2 seconds before it will transmit. Products include solutions for lighting control, HVAC, access control, surveillance, security systems, audio entertainment, and multiple interfaces. HAI provides these products in an open platform. This accounts for differing technology and features found throughout the industry.In 1988, HAI introduced the first integrated security and automation system to the market. Eight years later, they were responsible for developing the first Energy Star programmable communicating thermostat. HAI also developed the first Internet remote access and control software specifically for residential use in 2001. The 2008 calendar year saw HAI bring 30 new products to the home automation market the most in its 24-year history.

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