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How to Get the RTSP Stream from an IP Camera

How to Get the RTSP Stream from an IP Camera
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GeoVision IP cameras support both audio and video streaming via RTSP.

For Quicktime player:
rtsp://<IP address of camera:8554/<CH Channel number>.sdp
ex.. rtsp://

For VLC player:
rtsp://username:password@<IP address of the camera:8554/<CH Channel number>.sdp
ex. rtsp://admin:admin@

    Stream RTSP to VLC Player
  1. Download VLC Player
  2. Install and run VLC Player
  3. In VLC menu bar, click on Tools>> Preference
  4. Enable "Use RTSP over RTSP (TCP)" under Input & Codecs section
  5. Click Save
  6. In VLC menu bar, click on Media >> Streaming...
  7. Under Network tab, select RTSP as protocol and enter RTSP command line
  8. Click OK to start streaming
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