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Data Capture Box
  1. Check Hyperterminal result. If there is no text coming into Hyperterminal either, then it is likely that the POS is not sending out transactions via the specific serial/parallel port on the POS.
  2. If transactions do appear under Hyperterminal, then it is likely a connection or settings error.
    1. Check physical cable connections from POS to Data Capture Box, then to the DVR/NVR.
    2. Verify COM port number on DVR/NVR by going to Device Manager. Confirm that the same COM port is selected under POS Device Setup in Multicam.
    3. Verify dipswitch and baud rate settings on the Data Capture Box.
    4. If Data Capture Box is connected via Ethernet, log in to Data Capture Box's web interface. Check under POS Data Monitor section to see if there is any data going into Data Capture Box.
      1. If there are transactions under POS Data Monitor, verify the IP address, port number, ID, and password under POS Device Setup in Multicam.
      2. If there is no transaction under POS Data Monitor, verify the connection between POS and the Data Capture Box as well as dipswtich settings.
    5. Verify POS Device Settings in Multicam, including COM port, baud rate, conection type...etc. Check Data Capture Box Settings and Configuration.
POS Text Sender
  1. Verify POS Text Sender is opening up the correct database file. The file has to be either .txt, .ini, or .jnl.Verify the file content using Notepad.
  2. Verify POS Device Settings in Multicam, including IP address, port, password...etc. Check POS Text Sender Settings and Configuration.
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