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Residence CCTV Camera System

Feeling safe and secure in your own home is a necessity. It is important to have peace of mind that you can be safe in your home and that your home will be safe when you are away. Most burglaries occur in residences that appear to be unoccupied between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Burglars know they don’t have a lot of time due to alarm systems and vigilant neighbors so they are often in and out before police even arrive. Without a visual ID of the suspect, they many never be caught and your valuables may be lost forever. Surveillance cameras placed in key locations near entryways can capture a burglar on video and that footage can be used to lead to their capture and the return of your valuables. Read More »


Airport CCTV Camera System

In this post-9/11 world airport security is rapidly evolving. Airports are under constant threat of attack by terrorists and others so it is important that they maintain a complete and up to date security and surveillance system. Airport security checkpoints are fast paced and there is no room for mistakes. IP surveillance systems add an extra layer of security by helping to monitor people and baggage as they make their way through the airport. When there is no room for mistakes, a surveillance system will help to keep your facility safe and running smoothly. Read More »


Bank CCTV Camera System

It is no secret that criminals often target banks even though most banks have a surveillance system in place. However, many of these surveillance systems are out of date and not as helpful as the newer intelligent video analytics systems. These new technologies can better assist with preventing robberies and check fraud, investigate crimes, combat “phantom ATM withdrawals” and improve customer service. While robbery is a big issue with banks, it is fraudulent scheming that costs banks the most money. Most banks have been victim to check fraud at one time or another but banks with up to date security and surveillance systems are able to stop 92% of all check fraud attempts. Read More »


Buses CCTV Camera System

Recently there has been an increase of violence and vandalism aboard public transit buses. Disputes over fares, assaults on passengers and drivers and vandalism are the biggest issues facing buses. Many city buses already have cameras in place but often times these systems are out of date and ineffective in deterring crime or catching criminals. The best surveillance system for public transit would be one that allows the driver, passengers and the authorities to view footage in real time. When passengers and drivers are aware they are being filmed, they are more accountable for their actions and less likely to engage in violence or criminal activity. Not only would this protect passengers and drivers from assault but would also protect transit companies from false claims. Read More »

Car Dealership

Car Dealership CCTV Camera System

Security systems are an integral part of any successful car dealership. The high value of the inventory and the fact that the cars are often left on an open lot overnight makes car dealerships one of the biggest targets for thieves. If you are an owner or manager of a car dealership then an up to date surveillance system should be your top priority. Obviously, profit is integral to any business but to ensure the most profit you must protect your inventory as well as keep an eye on your employees so that they perform at their highest potential. Read More »


Church CCTV Camera System

Churches have long been considered safe havens with an open door policy that makes them a place of refuge and safety. However, more and more churches, temples and mosques are investing in surveillance systems to protect the sanctuary from break-ins, theft and vandalism. In order to find the best surveillance system it is important to understand the unique threats and sensitivities to the individual place of worship. Read More »


Courthouse CCTV Camera System

Courthouse shootings and violence are rare but they do happen. With the large amount of criminal offenders, witnesses and private citizens coming through the building all day it is important to add an extra layer of protection. Surveillance systems allow security personnel to monitor the entire building from a remote location so they can stop crime before it happens. Cameras can monitor courtrooms, doors, stairways and hallways for criminal acts or suspicious persons. When people know they are being watched they are less likely to commit crimes or instigate violence. On the occasions when a crime is committed, security personnel will be able to spot it quickly and stop it before it gets out of hand. Footage can even be sent directly to the local police department to be monitored around the clock. If an unfortunate incident does occur, surveillance footage can be used as evidence during prosecution or for insurance claims. Read More »


Farms CCTV Camera System

Surveillance systems are a useful tool for farms and agricultural environments. Monitoring video footage can help farmers keep an eye on livestock and production facilities to ensure things are running smoothly and that animals are protected. Farms both large and small are susceptible to cattle theft, also known as “rustling,” as well as the theft of pipe, valuable metals such as copper and expensive farm equipment. With security cameras placed around the perimeter of the farm and near holding pens and tool shops, farmers can capture images of any unauthorized persons entering the property. Capturing the identities of criminals on camera leads to quicker arrests and many criminals are even scared away when they see cameras monitoring the property. Read More »

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants CCTV Camera System

Fast food restaurants are very susceptible to theft due to the late night hours, high employee turnover, and constant flow of customers. Surveillance systems can help to monitor employees and customers across multiple locations at all times of the day and night. Facilities with surveillance systems are known to experience less theft, damage and false liability claims than those without. Surveillance systems add an extra layer of security and help both employees and customers to feel safe. Read More »

Gas Stations

Gas Stations CCTV Camera System

Gas stations are common targets for theft. Many gas stations not only have pumps but also convenience stores that can be targeted. Shoplifting and siphoning gas are just two crimes that gas stations experience. Gas Stations that are open 24 hours a day are especially vulnerable to crime. Surveillance systems can deter crime as well as protect the gas station from damage. Many gas stations have out dated systems that record poor quality footage and lack the necessary tools to capture and prevent crime. Modern surveillance systems offer higher quality video, more storage and face recognition technology. Read More »

Grocery Store

Grocery Store CCTV Camera System

Retail stores are big targets for theft and grocery stores are no different. Grocery stores can experience theft, damage to products or store property and even employee misconduct. Surveillance systems can be used to deter these crimes and improve productivity. By deterring these crimes, grocers can save thousands or even millions of dollars every year. Surveillance systems can be used in small family owned grocers as well as large scale grocery chains. Read More »


Gyms CCTV Camera System

As more gyms are starting to stay open 24-hours a day their security needs are increasing. A constant flow of people coming through the gym at all hours of the day and night leaves the property vulnerable to theft and the patrons are vulnerable to assault or injury. Thieves often target gyms because they know patrons leave their belongings in lockers or cars that can be easily broken into. In some cases patrons may even be attacked in gym parking lots during late night workout sessions. Surveillance systems can help to deter these crimes and keep patrons feeling safe. Read More »


Hospitals CCTV Camera System

Hospitals can benefit from surveillance systems not only because they help to keep patients and employees safe but also to improve worker productivity and provide visual evidence to decrease false claims. IP systems allow for easy installation and upgrades and footage can be monitored remotely from multiple stations such as a security office and nurse’s stations. Read More »


Hotels CCTV Camera System

Managing a hotel comes with many issues from staffing issues to running a broad spectrum of services and attending to an array of guest’s needs. On top of all that you also have to guarantee the safety of your guests and their property. This is no small task to undertake. Hotel surveillance faces many challenges including privacy, power outages and damage. Read More »


Museum CCTV Camera System

Museums are an incredible gift to the world, allowing thousands of people to view priceless works of art and artifacts that transport us to various times and places throughout history. The treasures that inhabit museums teach us about history, open our minds and inspire us. It is extremely important that these treasures be protected and that everyone be free to view them unencumbered. Security that protects the works of art without disrupting the flow of visitors is a top priority for museum officials. Many museums employ the use of video surveillance systems to monitor museum property but often, due to budget constraints, these systems are out of date. Read More »

Office Buildings

Office Buildings CCTV Camera System

Offices can range in size from one room to expansive buildings with multiple floors and entryways. Whatever the size may be, it is important that the contents of these offices remain protected. Surveillance systems are an important component of protecting offices from theft, vandalism and work place violence. These environments are often set up perfectly for installing surveillance systems that can be easily upgraded as security needs change. Read More »


Restaurants CCTV Camera System

Restaurants experience a large number of patrons and employees coming through their doors each day. The security issues these businesses face are diverse, from slip and fall injuries to theft to “dine-and-dashers.” Restaurant owners can be faced with heavy monetary losses in false liability claims and theft. Surveillance systems can prevent these types of cases as well as help improve customer service. Read More »


Schools CCTV Camera System

Schools are supposed to be safe havens where our children go to learn and grow but in the wake of tragedies like Columbine and Newtown it is becoming clear that we must take steps to protect our schools. We are seeing more and more school officials installing surveillance systems in their schools to protect students and prevent crime from happening. While many public schools have limited financial resources, most would agree that money should not be an issue when dealing with student safety. There are many affordable systems that can be easily installed and maintained in schools. Read More »

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls CCTV Camera System

Since the first shopping mall opened nearly a century ago, they have become beacons for people of all ages to congregate in a safe environment. However, in our increasingly dangerous world, malls have become targets for both violent and non-violent crimes. In recent years we have seen shopping malls become targets for terrorists and disturbed individuals making it clear just how important it is to secure our malls without disturbing the flow of customers. Read More »

Sporting Events

Sporting Events CCTV Camera System

Sporting events are known to get a little rowdy. The combination of alcohol and fanaticism often leads to violence, vandalism and damage to private property. Police and security officials have been grappling with just how to tackle these security issues during games. Many arenas have begun to embrace surveillance technology in their battle to prevent violence. Read More »

Taxi Cabs

Taxi Cabs CCTV Camera System

Taxi cabs can benefit from using surveillance systems in their vehicles and at overnight garages. The systems can be used to promote safety and reduce physical attacks on drivers and vandalism to the vehicle. Cab drivers are in a vulnerable position, especially when working late night shifts. They can become victims of random or targeted acts of violence. Passengers under the influence of alcohol often act unruly and disagreements over cab fare can escalate to violence. With the presence of security cameras placed in the back of the cab, passengers are more likely to be on their best behavior. If an act of violence does occur, surveillance footage can be used to identify the perpetrator and provide evidence for arrest. Read More »

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Now legal in some states, medical marijuana dispensaries represent a quickly expanding industry. Depending on the location and size of the facility, some medical marijuana dispensaries include a small retail storefront whereas others are large in size and maintain growing operations. Medical marijuana dispensaries must meet state rules in order to manage and do business. Strictly enforced state rules differ for each state but all have thing in common: all states permitting dispensaries require the facility manager to have a functioning video security system recording the dispensary at all times.Read More »

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