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Louroe Verifact A Microphone


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  • Easily mounted to wall or ceiling surface
  • High impact anti-static ABS
  • Omni-directional, within 30′ diameter circle
  • May be located up to 1000′ from the Louroe base station
  • Sensitivity switch: normal/low
  • Sturdy ABS housing
  • Microphone can pickup normal sounds 15 ft away
  • May be located up to 1000 ft from the Louroe Base Station
  • Powered by the Louroe Base Station
  • Two position preamp gain setting: Normal and Low
Verifact® A is an omni-directional, low output impedance, electret condenser microphone with built-in preamplifier for producing line level audio output. The Verifact® A captures an exceptional quality of sound, a wide frequency response and has exceptional durability thanks to its robust design.

The Verifact Model A is an omni-directional, low impedance, electret condenser microphone with built-in preamp for producing line level audio. It is housed in a high impact antistatic ABS dome designed for ceiling or wall mounting. Normal pick-up pattern is approximately 15' from the microphone location, all directions, or within 30' diameter circle.

The Verifact Model B Microphone is identical to the Model A, except that it has an extension cable for positioning the microphone from 3’ to 10’ from it's dome housing. It is used with high ceiling installations.

Models A and B are compatible with all Louroe Base Stations.

When part of a Louroe Audio System, the Model A and Model B Microphones can be used in situations such as:
  • Convenience Stores
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Booking Rooms
  • Interrogation Rooms
  • Day Care Centers
  • Sleep Disorder Centers
  • Therapy Labs
  • Cashier Booths
  • Gas Stations
  • Any where CCTV  Cameras Are Installed

Sensitivity  -45 dBV/Pa 1 Pa = 94 dB SPL
Frequency response 50 Hz to 15 kHz
Output Line Level (0 dBV, 600W @1kHz)
Current drain 10 mA
Supply voltage 12 Vdc
Microphone housing High impact anti-static ABS
Dimensions 4” dia x 1 ½" H
Weight Shipping Weight Model A 3.5 oz; Model B 4 oz 1 Lb




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