UNV Uniview IP Surveillance Solutions

UNV Starlight
  Uniview features cloud upgrades for both their NVRs and Cameras. All devices are one click firmware upgrades via the NVRs interface. All you need is an internet connection! 

 Uniview puts forward optical defog technology, which applies IR for imaging. All lost details in fog weather can be recognized perfectly. 

UNV Long Range PoE
 Uniview is the first and only company to offer 300 meter (928ft) power over ethernet. A huge convenience for installers. 

UNV Smart Search
 Smart search allows for users to search for times when there is motion in one area of a cameras scene even if the camera is recording on a 24 hour time schedule. Smart search allows for quick back up of when events occurred. Uniview offers a double time bar feature that allows for users to see where the smart search has found motion in green along with a second bar that shows where there is recording in general based off of the set schedule. 

UNV Starlight
 Uniview starlight camera provides crisp color image even under up to 0.0005 Lux(F1.2) low light condition. 

 Break past the 6TB Barrier. Upgrade to reliable and longer last 8TB drives. Paired with Ultra 265 Video compression, you will get the most out of your security system! 

UNV Audio motion detection


 INTRODUCING AUDIO DETECTION : For instances where motion detection is not used. Uniview has a Smart Feature called Audio Detection. Any camera equipped with a microphone can take advantage of this feature. The Uniview NVR will continuously detect any inconsistencies or jumps in audio. 

 Uniview was the first company in security industry who signed strategic partnership agreement with TÜV Rheinland to work on the certification about product privacy protection derived from General Data Protection Regulation. Now Uniview has passed TÜV Rheinland’s test and is honored the first certification in compliance with GDPR in the global video surveillance industry. 

UNV IP Camera Package


World Eye Cam is extremely excited to announce the latest addition to our product line, Uniview. Being able to offer our customers the latest and greatest in innovative security technology is one of the paramount privileges we have as a business. What sets Uniview apart? The numbers don't lie; Uniview has been dominating the Chinese project market over the last three years. They have covered over 580+ safe city projects, 70% of airport projects, 50% of military and police projects, as well as 40% of metro/university projects, all ranking No.1 in China among domestic manufacturers (Dahua, Hikvision etc.) and international competitors (Axis, Bosch, Honeywell, Samsung etc.).

Now that Uniview is readily available in the US market it is quickly becoming a cost effective and high quality replacement for older technology that is clinging on to sales in the USA. Uniview has currently secured more than 1200+ patents in 2016, 83% are innovation patents. Almost every two days one pattern is applied. More than that, Uniview invests more than 15% of sales revenue into R&D. All of the above numbers are ranking No.1 in the CCTV industry. Their attention to product quality and innovation ability is staggering when compared with current competitors in the same market.

Uniview is a professional solution provider and project-based company, they focus on middle-range and high-end projects in the manufacture sector in their current domestic market. This can only mean amazing things for the security market in the USA. We will have a brand new manufacturer with tried and proven technology that is compatible up and down with product lines currently in place all over the security market. This means you will be able to implement Uniview in its entirety as a new system or upgrade a piece at a time. Whatever your budget constraints are we can work with you to make sure you are getting the best quality for money.

You will not find Uniview on Amazon or EBay, Uniview as a company cares about its product line and is working hard to ensure that the counterfeit market which has plagued other brands will never harm their customer base. They keep a stringent eye on who is able to carry the brand making sure they represent quality and trust within the security industry.

Uniview Products

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