TMS-1 Louroe Electronics 1 Zone Audio Tele-Monitoring Processor


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Model TMS-1 is a single zone audio monitoring processor designed for monitoring a remote location via telephone line. The system requires a Louroe microphone and a phone line. Both microphone and the TMS-1 are installed at the remote location. Once a phone line is connected to the TMS-1 and an access code is established, a voice assisted menu prompts the caller through the various options. In addition to remote audio monitoring, the TMS-1 has an alarm input that can be activated by a motion detector, door strike, etc. Once activated, TMS-1 dials out a pre-programmed telephone number selected by the user. The remote location can be audio monitored from anywhere in the world, using a standard phone or cell phone. TMS-1 can provide either one-way listen or two-way talk/listen communications. For one-way listen all Louroe microphones (Models A, B, C, D, D-V, E, K, and L-DT) are compatible. For two-way talk/listen use Louroe speakerphones Models AOP-SP-WF, AOP-SP-WS, AOP-SP-CF or AOP-SP-CS.


  • Model Number - TMS-1
  • Audio input impedance (from telephone line) - 10Kohm
  • Audio input impedance (to telephone line) - 600ohm
  • Audio input impedance (from microphone) - 10Kohm
  • Audio input impedance (to DVR/VCR) - 600ohm
  • Relay contact rating - 3A @ 30VDC or 3A @ 125VAC
  • Power input - 15VDC, 1A
  • Dimensions - 9 1/2"W x 6 1/2"D x 1 1/2"H
  • Weight - 3lbs

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