TLI-CS Louroe Electronics Speaker/Microphone - 8" Speaker Surface Mount


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Manufacturer: Louroe Electronics


The TLI-CF and TLI-CS are two-way talk/listen speaker/microphones used with various LOUROE engineered systems for audio monitoring applications. They contain a microphone and 8” speaker, all within one housing. Microphone is electret condenser with pre-amp and omnidirectional pattern. Speaker is 8W with a 70V transformer.

In operation, the TLI-CF/TLI-CS provides both LISTEN and TALKBACK capabilities between the remote audio zone and the Louroe Base Station. They can be used in numerous situations such as:

  • Offices
  • Therapy Labs
  • Reception Lobbies
  • Cardio Cath Labs
  • Hallways
  • Security Entrances

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