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Spectra IV SE Dome Drive with High Resolution Day/Night, Camera Featuring 36x Optical and 10x Electronic Zoom, Auto-focus, Wide Dynamic Range and Light Sensitivity to 0.08 Lux at 1/2 sec. Shutter. NTSC


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  • 2 Autofocus, High Resolution Integrated Camera/Optics Packages; Multiple Back Box Models
  • Day/Night, 540 TVL, 128X Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Motion Detection, and Electronic Image Stabilization (SD436 Series)
  • Day/Night, 540 TVL, 128X Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and Motion Detection (SD429 Series)
  • Auto tracking
  • Window Blanking
  • Camera Title Overlay, 20 User-Definable Characters
  • Horizontal and Zone Blanking
  • On-Screen Compass and Tilt Display
  • Password Protection
  • Low Lux Noise Reduction
  • Built-in Surgeimited Lightning Protection
  • Sure Focus
  • Integrated Passive Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Circuit
  • Internal Scheduling Clock
  • Ability to Add IP Network Capability by Purchasing Optional TXB-N Module
Form Factor DOME


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