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SNMP-Manageable Chassis for "iMcV" Series Modular Media Converters - iMediaChassis/6-2DC (6-slot, two DC power modules)


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SKU: 850-10953-2DC
Product #: 98323


The iMediaChassis/6 is an intelligent, carrier-class optical access platform that supports conversion of Ethernet to fiber and a variety of other telco networking technologies, including VDSL, T1/E1, DS3/E3/STS-1 and WDM. The iMediaChassis/6 enables network operators to drastically reduce the capital and operational expenses by providing all copper-to-fiber and multimode to single-mode conversions, network distance extensions and Ethernet Private Line services from the same managed chassis platform.


Having the highest port density in the industry - along with a robust design, hot-swappable architecture, SNMP-management, and redundant power supplies for fault tolerance - makes the iMediaChassis ideal for installing in the Central Office (CO) where a multitude of diverse applications, using a variety of protocols, is required. Pair this multi-slot chassis with a MediaChassis or other standalone B&B Electronics unmanaged device at the customer premises, for complete end-to-end management.


  • 6-slot supporting low to high density deployment
  • Install wide varieties of IMC Networks’ media conversion and optical demarcation modules
  • SNMP management using optional SNMP management module
  • 19" Rack or rack shelf mountable
  • -slot chassis: Select any combination of up to two AC and DC fixed power supplies - mix and match
  • Fan test featured on 6-slot chassis




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