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Security Analog Camera, Box, Color, 650 TVL, 1/3 in. CCD, 12/24 V, NTSC


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The C20-CH Series is Pelco’s general purpose digital color CCD camera. It is designed for installations with fixed lighting conditions. Its full features insure that images are clear and crisp at all times under consistent light. The camera’s size, com bined with its numerous features, makes it the ideal camera for most applications.

The C20-CH Series is an ultra high resolution digital camera with 650 TVL of resolution and 0.25 Lux minimum illumination. Camera features include autosensing power (24V AC or 12 V DC with internal synchronization), and automatic gain control (AGC).

The C20-CH Series includes automatic white balance (AWB) for difficult lighting situations, digital noise reduction for clearer image quality, and backlight compensation (BLC) that adjusts the picture to prevent objects from appearing dark due to a strong backlight.

The C20-CH Series also features built-in analytical capabilities including priV ACy zones, motion detection, and camera titles. These features are easily set using the on-screen menus. The convenient on-screen menu contains features that are not typically found in a general purpose camera including area masking, titling, pixel correction, and preset lighting profiles.

The C20-CH Series is quick and easy to install. The camera is also featured in Pelco’s DomePak and ImagePak fixed camera dome/enclosure packages. The optional C10-UM wall/ceiling/rail mount kit offers easy installation in many nonenclosure applications, for all models.

The C20-CH Series has a standard CS lens mount and can be used with fixed, manual, or auto iris (DC drive) lenses. The iris is controlled through a standard 4-pin square connector that is included on all Pelco auto iris lenses.

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  • 650 TV Lines
  • 0.25 Lux Sensitivity
  • 1/3-Inch Format CCD Imager
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • CS Lens Mount
  • Autosensing DC Drive Auto Iris
  • Digital Electronic Day/Night
  • Automatic/Manual White Balance Settings for Difficult Lighting Situatiole Automatic Gain Control
  • Advanced Backlight Compensation
  • Autosensing Power (24 VAC/12 V DC with Internal Synchronization)
  • 2D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
  • Privacy Zones
  • Built-in Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Output


Environment INDOOR / OUTDOOR
Form Factor BOX
Position Type FIXED
Resolution 650 TVL
Signal Process ANALOG



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