Quad Balun - 4 Female BNC to RJ45 (2 pieces)


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The Quad balun has 4 female BNC connectors to let you send your baseband color video signals long distances (up to 600 meters) without spending a fortune. This is the perfect solution for any baseband video application, including video terminals and displays or security and surveillance.

Using Cat5 cable saves you money when you need to transfer signals over long distances. It is also readily available for purchase and easier to work with than most video cables. The balun converts 4 distinct video signals to be run over Cat5 and can then be translated back to the original signals using a second receiving balun.

Rugged plastic casing protects your balun from damage and regular wear and tear. And you can trust ETS for quality video conversion devices with pride in a product made in the USA.

Package includes: 2 sets

W104V - 4x BNC Jack to 1 x RJ45 Jack

Video Input ( BNC Connector ) :4.1Vp-p 75 ohms

Output Connector :RJ-45x1

Transmission Distance :600M

Cable for RJ-45 : Twisted pair CAT5

Dimensions :110x24x77

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