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OPTI-6100 DS1 Tributary Module, VT, Timing Enhanced


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Product #: 98204


The DS1 Tributary Module, VT, Timing Enhanced (DS1VMT) multiplexes/demultiplexes one STS-1 into 28 VT1.5 mapped DS1 circuits using the signal from the backplane of the OPTI-6100 chassis. These circuits are made available through the champ connectors on the back panel of the OPTI-6100 chassis and are usually routed to a DSX panel.


  • Redundant or non-redundant operation
  • Re-times DS1 outputs to the OMM SONET clock
  • STS-1 path protection and termination, performance monitoring, alarm surveillance, and provisioning
  • Maps up to 28 DS1s to SONET STS-1s via VT1.5s
  • AMI and B8ZS encodingecoding
  • Monitors DS1 for LCVs, LOS, LOF, AIS, CRC-6, RAI, and FE
  • In-band and out of band (ESF?FDL) controlled loopbacks
  • Can provide system timing to the chassis (OMM)
  • Hot swap capability
  • Auto frame format detection (ESF or SF only)
  • Framing formaESF, SF, SLC96, and Clear Channel (unframed)
  • Auto In-Service Timer
  • Centrally managed by the System Controller Module (SCM)


Type of Device M13 MULTIPLEXER




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