Uniview NVR302-16S-P16 | 16 Channel 1U 16PoE 4K & Ultra 265 NVR

SKU: NVR302-16S-P16
  • 8/16-channel input
  • Plug & Play with 8/16 independent PoE network interfaces
  • Third-party IP cameras supported with ONVIF conformance: Profile S, Profile G, Profile C, Profile Q, Profile A, Profile T
  • Support HDMI and VGA simultaneous output
  • Up to 8 Megapixels resolution recording
  • 2 SATA HDDs, up to 8TB for each HDD
  • ANR technology to enhance the storage reliability when the network is disconnected
  • Support cloud upgrade
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The 16-channel NVR with 16 PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports is a network video recorder that can record and manage up to 16 IP cameras over an IP network. It supports multiple video compression formats, including H.265, H.264, and MJPEG, which can help reduce bandwidth usage and storage requirements without sacrificing image quality.

The "link" between the NVR and other devices on the network is established through Ethernet connections. The NVR has multiple Ethernet ports that can be used to connect cameras and other devices, as well as to connect the NVR to the internet or other networked devices.

The NVR also features built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, which can provide power to connected cameras through the Ethernet cable. This can simplify installation by eliminating the need for separate power cables for each camera.

The NVR has multiple hard drive bays, allowing you to store video footage locally on the device. This can be useful for reviewing footage without needing to access the cameras directly. The NVR can also be set up to automatically back up footage to a remote location for added redundancy and security.

Overall, the 16-channel NVR with 16 PoE ports is a versatile and flexible network video recorder that can help you monitor and manage multiple cameras in a single system. The "link" between devices on the network is crucial for ensuring that video footage is transmitted and stored securely and reliably. The built-in PoE ports and multiple hard drive bays can simplify installation and provide ample storage for video footage.