NBN-921-P Bosch Dinion 1/3-inch 720p HD, H.264 dual stream, SmartBLC, Motion+, PoE


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DinionHD Day/Night IP cameras are progressive scan HD cameras that use the Bosch-designed Dinion digital imaging technology. The camera uses the latest CCD-based HD sensor for a sharper, more detailed picture with a 16:9 image format. Features such as multicasting, internet streaming and iSCSI recording are fully supported. The DinionHD camera delivers the highest standards of performance and reliability in any security and surveillance scenario, day or night. The DinionHD is designed using the latest HD CCD sensor which can deliver high resolution 720p streaming video in true HD format (16:9). The camera now brings the unmatched Dinion Image performance to HD-standard video. With a 1/3-inch CCD HD sensor, the DinionHD Day/Night IP camera delivers outstanding image quality. The Boschdesigned digital video processing system optimally handles the HD image format without compromise. Image performance and color reproduction are superb even under challenging lighting conditions. DinionHD supports local storage on micro SD card. This can be used for local alarm recording or for Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR) to improve the overall reliability of video recording. The XF-Dynamic technology uses pixel-by-pixel analysis to provide the user with the most detailed information. Turn on SmartBLC to automatically compensate the image without the need for complicated set-up or without compromising dynamic range. Features such as Autoblack and Sharpness further improve the details in a scene. The DinionHD camera has a very intuitive user interface that allows fast and easy configuration over IP. The new intuitive lens wizard in the web GUI guides the installer through a step-by-step procedure to setup the back focus correctly. NBN-921-P is 1/3-inch 720p HD, H.264 dual stream.

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