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MX2810 M13 multiplexer chassis


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ADTRAN has applied its industry-leading expertise in developing carrier class products to the MX2810 M13 multiplexer. The MX2810 offers bandwidth consolidation at a low price and in the smallest footprint available in the industry. Measuring only 1U high in 19- or 23-inch rack-mount configurations, this compact device gives ILECs a powerful tool for consolidating 28 T1 signals or 21 E1 signals into a T3 circuit. Like all ADTRAN products, the MX2810 offers comprehensive management options, including full management and GUI support from ADTRAN’s Total Access EMS. It features a VT100 terminal interface for local configuration. To support SNMP and Telnet management, the MX2810 has an integrated 10BASE-T Ethernet port. It has an RS-232 port for network management, as well as an RS-485 port for daisy chaining multiple units. TL1 alarming and provisioning are also supported. The MX2810 meets the most stringent NEBS Level 3 requirements. In addition, the product is backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.


  • Fully redundant M13 multiplexer
  • Affordable DS3 bandwidth consolidation
  • Built-in 1:1 redundancy
  • Controller card intelligence isolates between MUX and network failures and will only switch on MX2800 hardware failures
  • Hot-swappable controller cards
  • Capable of backhauling multiple service types (T1/E1)
  • M13 and C-Bit signaling support
  • NEBS Level 3 compliant
  • Transports up to 28 T1s over T3
  • Supports G.747 for transport of up to 21 E1s
  • Dual load sharing redundant power supplies
  • SNMP, Telnet and TL1 management
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Connectorized backplane
  • Fits either 19 or 23 in. racks
  • AC and DC (-48 V or 24 V) versions available
  • Available with or without integral modem


Type of Device M13 MULTIPLEXER




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