Louroe Electronics VERIFACTK Microphone


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Model K is a dynamic microphone with a modified omni-directional pattern and is especially designed for areas with excessive background noise or where the ambient sound level is high. The modified pattern is one in which the pick-up is more from the front of the microphone than from the sides or back. Normal pick-up pattern is approximately 12' from the front of the microphone and less than 12' from the sides and back of microphone. Model K microphone is compatible with all Louroe base stations. Produces line level output.

NOTE: Model K microphone is not recommended where extreme sensitivity is required, such as sleep disorder monitoring, speech therapy labs, etc.

Wiring Requirements

  • Wire Type - West Penn 452
  • Wire Description - 2 Conductor shielded, 22 gauge with a 24 gauge drain wire

[Click here for detailed Specification PDF]

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