Louroe Electronics ALA-4TB Two-Way Sound Activated Alarming Audio Base Station


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  • Ala4 W/2 Way Listening/Talkback (Le-154)
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  • 785583001544


Louroe Electronics model ALA-4TB is a four (4)-zone alarming base station and is a part of an audio monitoring system that is sound activated. Remote speaker/microphones detect sounds that exceed a preset threshold level, based on frequency and sound pressure.

When a noise occurs that exceeds the threshold level, the Louroe microphone in the immediate area picks up the sound and alarms the ALA-4TB base station. A two second alarm tone and a lighted LED identify the zone. Personnel can both listen-in and talk-back to the area. A hand-held microphone for talk-back connects directly to the front panel (included). Each zone has a dry contact relay closure for activating a camera or other annunciations. The person at the remote speaker/microphone can communicate hands-free with personnel at the base station. After the situation has been handled, pressing the reset button cancels the alarm and lighted LED of that zone.

These units are of panel construction and mount in a standard EIA 19" rack. All controls and indicators are located on the front panel. All external wiring, except handheld talk-back microphone and headphone, are at the rear panel. Louroe speaker/microphones (Models: TLI, TLO, TLM, TLMC, TLSP, and TLSP-PB) are compatible with the ALA-4TB.


  • LED zone alarm indicators (when a zone goes into alarm)
  • NO/NC dry contact output for each zone
  • Listen-in switch to monitor zone when zone is not in alarm condition
  • Volume control for monitor and talk-back
  • Monitor switch to audibly monitor zone at time of alarm
  • Phantom power provided to the remote speaker/microphones
  • Factory installed band pass filter circuit for each zone
  • Capability of handling up to 24 microphones using Louroe MLA-6 Mixer. Maximum of 6 microphones per zone
  • Alarm reset button


  • 1-Year


Brands Louroe Electronics
Condition New
Communication Two-Way Talk/Listen
Zones 4-Zones
Alarming Sound Activated
Features Contact Closures
Audio In/Out RCA
Mounting Rack

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