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Interface Relay with LED 2 C/O Contacts 250V/10A 24 V AC Coil


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Pluggable interface relays are used for digital signals. They are used for electrical isolation, amplification and signal matching between the electronic controlling, e.g. PLC (programmable logic controller), PC or field bus systems and the sensor/actu ator level. In contrast to electronic switching devices, pluggable interface relays don’t use additional internal protective circuits and thus are overload-proof against short-time variations like current or voltage peaks.


For Electrical Isolation, Amplification And Signal Matching Between The Electronic Controlling, E.G. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), PC Or Field Bus Systems And The Sensor/Actuator Level

  • Cadmium-free contact material
  • Width on socket: 27 mm
  • Suited for logical or standard sockets
  • Mechanical status indication
  • Integrated test button for manual actuation and locking of the output contacts (blue = DC, orange = AC)
  • Pluggable function modules: Reverse polarity protection/free wheeling diode, LED indication, RC element, overvoltage protection, time modules, logical or standard sockets
Specification Description

Coil: 24 V AC
Contact Configuration: 2 C/O (SPDT)
Contact Rating: 250 V, 10 A
Mounting: On Socket
Enclosure: IP40
Frequency Rating: 50/60 Hz
Resistance: Contact: Less Than Or Equal To 100 mOhm, Coil: 75 Ohm At 20 deg C
Operating Cycles: Mechanicalater Than 20000000 Cycles, Electrical: Greater Than 100000 Cycles
Operating Temperature: -40 To +55 deg C
Environmental Conditions: Storage Temperature: -40 To 85 deg C
Maximum Switching Power: 2500 VA
Switching Current: 5 mA Minimum
Maximum SwitchiVoltage: 250 V AC
Operating Current: AC-12 (Resistive): 10 A At 230 V, AC-15 (Inductive): 1.5 A At 230 V
Make Voltage: 19.2 V AC At 20 deg C
Contact Material: AgNi
Rated Power: 2.8 VA
Insulation Class: C250
Operating Voltage: 250 V
Release Time: 1c
Response Time: 12 msec
Insulation Voltage: 250 V AC
Output Circuit: 11-12/14, 31-32/34

Tech Info

UR E244330 Listed, CSA_226920, CCC, CE, VDE, LR, GOST, RMRS Certified, RoHS Compliant





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