iMaxCamPro-4MP Full-color Warm LED Fixed Security Camera


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The WEC Imaxcampro 4MP Full Color Warm LED Fixed Security Camera is a powerful surveillance camera that provides clear and detailed images even in low light conditions. With a 4-megapixel resolution and a fixed lens, this camera captures high-quality footage with accurate color representation. It is equipped with warm LED lights that enable it to record full-color video even in complete darkness, providing enhanced visibility and coverage.

This camera features durable and weather-resistant housing that is rated for outdoor use. It has an IP67 rating, which means it is protected from dust and water, making it suitable for installation in a wide range of locations. Additionally, the camera supports remote monitoring and management through a network, enabling you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere, anytime. Overall, the Imaxcampro 4MP Full Color Warm LED Fixed Security Camera is a reliable and effective solution for all your surveillance needs.

4MP Full-color Security Camera Features

  • 4MP, 1/2.7” CMOS image sensor, low illuminance, high image definition,
  • Outputs Maximum resolution is 4MP (2688 x 1520 pixels) at 30 frames per second.
  • H.265 codec, high compression rate, ultra-low bit rate,
  • Built-in Warm LED, maximum LEDs distance: 30m,98ft.
  • Region of Interest (ROI), SMART H.264 /H.265, flexible coding, adaptable to a wide range of bandwidth and storage conditions.
  • Rotation mode, True WDR, 3D DNR, HLC, BLC, and digital watermarking are all features that can be used in a variety of monitoring scenarios.
  • Intelligent detection: Intrusion, tripwire (support the classification and accurate detection of vehicle and human)
  • Abnormality detection for Motion detection, video tampering, scene changing or switching, audio detection, no SD card, SD card full, SD card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, illegal access, voltage detection,
  • Micro SD card support up to 256 GB, built-in microphone
  • 12V DC/PoE power support
  • IP67 protection
  • SMD Plus also known as SMD+

What is Full-Color and Why does it Important?
➢ Detecting crimes such as theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other criminalities is difficult, especially during nighttime or low-light conditions.

➢ Full-Color Technology solves several issues:

  • A. Protection of people and property.
  • B. Human and vehicle detection that really works is highly effective during nighttime or low-light situations.
  • C. Efficient forensic data collection through brighter monitoring.
  • D. False alarm reduction through AI.

Where need Full-color Security Camera?

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications
Several Full-Color cameras are available to accommodate various lighting circumstances and requirements. The white-light LED variant provides a true-color image independent of illumination circumstances in full darkness. Non-LED variants are a wonderful option for applications with low ambient light and where the lack of additional lighting is preferred. We also provide entire form factors to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.