IMaxCam Inline Remote UTC Controller for Effio P Cameras, OSD Menus


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This remote in-line UTC controller allows you to adjust a wide variety of picture settings such as WDR, using the on screen display in our Sony EFFIO P CCTV cameras. Simply plug it in in-line with the BNC video cable

Product Features

  • Remote UTC Controller- This compact device lets you control a camera's OSD (on-screen display) menu, adjusting picture settings
  • Compatible with Sony EFFIO P- Controller works with all of our professional grade CCTV cameras that use Sony's EFFIO P imaging chip
  • Control WDR Adjustment- UTC controller allows you to adjust camera functions such as backlight and contrast compensation. This gives you a much greater scope to fine tune your images
  • In-line Controller- Device plugs in between the camera and the video cable, meaning you can get all of your cameras configured and then disconnect it without the need for drilling a large hole in the wall

Many of our professional grade CCTV cameras use Sony's EFFIO-P imaging technology, enabling them to record clear video even in situations with high contrast and challenging lighting conditions. This remote UTC controller is a great way to control these powerful features, allowing you to make in depth adjustments using the camera's OSD ("on-screen display") menu.

The controller works in-line, simply plugging in to the camera in front of the video cable. This means you can quickly connect the controller to configure your cameras, and then disconnect it. This is unlike other designs of UTC controller that are built into the camera cable, meaning you have to drill a large hole to feed it through during installation.

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Amy Zahirski
Mar 6, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I purchased 4 Effio P cameras from Amazon but the seller forgot to mention that a UTC controller was not included with the package. After they arrived at my doorstep I readily fixed them all in the desired spots I had chosen for them but after that, I had no idea how to use the whole lot of them. So I started searching once more on the internet to find a controller of my Effio P cams.

Thank God this website stocks a controller; it saved me so much time and money (that discount, WOW)! It came to my house in barely 2 days and I could not be more thankful for the speedy delivery for I wanted immediate action of security cameras. It had been two days that my security cameras were fixed and waiting to be used. Thank you world eye cam! Your service is the best I have ever experienced in the plethora of online stores I have come across in the last 3-4 years.
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