How to Add Megapixel IP Cameras to Geovision (Video)

Welcome back, in today's demo we are going to look at analog vs. IP cameras and go over some reasons why you may want to add or upgrade to IP cameras. One of the great features of using a Geovision by Worldeyecam surveillance system is that, provided the PC's minimum requirements have been met, you can add IP cameras to your existing analog Geovision system.

As you can see here I have up the typical 16 channel multi-view often found in security environments. We currently have IP cameras on channel's 4 and 14, but in this limited size it can be difficult to tell the difference between a 420TV Line, 600TV line and megapixel cameras so let’s take a little closer look.

First let’s look at a normal indoor application. For this I am going to be using a typical 480 TV Line indoor dome camera on channel 13 and our Geovision 1.3 megapixel mini dome camera on channel 14. The very first thing I'd like to do is blow up our analog dome to full screen. Instantly you can see the limitations of the lower resolution. The image is grainy, pixilated and just plain looks bad. Now let’s switch over to the smallest, entry level megapixel camera. Watch how when we click on channel 14 the image "snaps" into place with a clear vibrant image. Right away we can see how mega pixel can be a huge benefit. Words are legible, features and details are crisp and clear and the colors vibrant. A great feature available on even our smallest megapixel cameras is the ability to further zoom in on an area of the image as shown here. This becomes an even greater advantage as the megapixel values increase.

Now let me show you an example of an outdoor application. In this demo I'm using your average 600TV line box camera with a 2-50mm lens on channel 13 and a 3 megapixel box camera with the same lens on channel 14. Here we are shooting out into our parking lot. Again in the 16 channel small view it’s hard to see the quality difference so let’s bring these cams up to full screen. As before, on the analog camera, once blown up the quality becomes grainy and pixilated. The writing on the van, while visible is barely legible and if I was to try and zoom in that legibility decreases even more. Now when I switch to the 3 megapixel camera, again we instantly see the improvement. Even at full screen the lettering is crisp and clear, the colors are bright and the detail is amazing. Even once zoomed in we can see the lettering on the van is as clean and clear as when in normal view.

Hopefully this short demo has shown you some of the advantages of upgrading your security system to IP based, megapixel cameras. If you have any questions about adding IP cameras to your existing Geovision system or want to install a complete IP based contact one of our expert sales engineers at or call us at 1-888-211-CCTV, that's 1-888-211-2288. Thank you and have a great day.




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