HDSDI-WECV7108 - 8ch HD-SDI, 120ips @720p, 60ips @1080p, Up to 3 HDDs+1, Audio, Rack Mountable


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This eight-channel HD-SDI DVR is capable of recording cameras at full 1080p resolution at 7.5 fps on each channel. This gives you the highest picture quality possible with detailed recordings so you don't miss anything. The 1080P HD-SDI cameras run on standard RJ-59 coax to give you the smooth video you've experienced over the years with traditional CCTV cameras, but without any of the latency that's common with IP cameras. It's fully compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux and supports remote viewing on smart phones and tablets running either iOS or Android.


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  • H.264Compression (Main Profile)

  • 8 HD-SDI Video Input (720p or 1080p)

  • HD Realtime (Max. 7.5 per Channel) Recording & playback

  • HDMI & VGA Output Full HD (Max. 1,920 x 1,080p)

  • Multi Channel Display & Menu Control in Spot Monitor

  • Picture Quality : Utmost graphic, respectively comparing its picture size

  • Mobile View on 3G Device : iPhone / Blackberry / Android / MS Windows Mobile

  • Dual Stream : Optimize network transfer speed

  • POS text insertion (Patent Pending) : Displaying & Recording Transaction Data from POS

  • User Friendly GUI : Flexible, Easy and Convenient

  • Advanced CMS Software : Convenient and Versatile Software

  • S.M.A.R.T : Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology

Traditional CCTV camera systems were designed in a time when standard definition television was the only option to display the cameras. These days, when most people have upgraded to HDTVs, standard definition simply doesn't deliver the high-quality picture you've come to expect with your high definition television. If you've upgraded to high-definition displays, shouldn't your cameras match that quality?


Standard analog CCTV cameras max out at 700 TV Line resolution and the stanard DVR can only display and record those cameras at D1 resolution (704x480). That is the maximum resolution that standard definition televisions can display and it's a big difference from what you get on a HDTV.


Here's a comparison of what you see with a standard definition DVR compared to a high definition HD-SDI DVR.

ANALOG CCTV (704x480):
HD-SDI (1920x1080)

View All Cameras At Once via Mobile Devices in HD

http://worldeyecam.com/skin1/images/kits/hdsdi/HDSDI-C1121-SM.jpg http://worldeyecam.com/skin1/images/kits/hdsdi/HDSDI-C1121-SM.jpg
http://worldeyecam.com/skin1/images/kits/hdsdi/HDSDI-C1121-SM.jpg http://worldeyecam.com/skin1/images/kits/hdsdi/HDSDI-C1121-SM.jpg
Click Images For a Full Resolution (1920x1080) Direct Capture From HD-SDI Cameras
http://worldeyecam.com/skin1/images/kits/hdsdi/HDSDI-C1121-SM.jpg http://worldeyecam.com/skin1/images/kits/hdsdi/HDSDI-HBD450-SM.jpg
Click Image Click Image
http://worldeyecam.com/skin1/images/kits/hdsdi/HDSDI-C1422-SM.jpg http://worldeyecam.com/skin1/images/kits/hdsdi/HDSDI-C1222-SM.jpg
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DDNS & DHCP Support
DDNS comes into play when you are unable to acquire a static IP address from your ISP. However, it is still difficult for ordinary users to understand. With a simple configuration on DVR Setup, even beginners are able to get DVR domain name automatically from CTRing's DDNS Server. The virtual dynamic domain name is used for network access. Also, we support DHCP for users to connect local network without any difficulties
Video data recorded on the database is transferred and stored on the allocated space of the HDD, USB and CD/DVD-RW as required. This enables storage capacity to be used more efficiently than accumulating data on the database. Archived data can be played back seamlessly, just as normal data would, without stopping the network system. The images can be store as both snapshot and video clips. (JPEG, EXE Format)
External Storage
e-SATA and I-SCSI interface for external storage can be utilized for longer and larger scale data caused by high-quality for recording image.
Keyboard Controller
Multiple Keyboards can be connected to the same DVR, supporting multiple Operator Control Stations. This is the starting point at building several DVR's into a single system and offering control from remote location. The controller is capable of controlling speed dome camera, DVR and monitor.
CMS/Web Client Support
CMS is central monitoring station that monitors multiple sites of video, audio and alarm by signaling over networks. It also provides convenient and versatile search, playback and system check for health status. CTRING's DVR doesn't require to have additional web client software installed to view video remotely. Offsite viewing is just as easy as surfing web site.
Software Upgrade Via Network
The CTRING Software Upgrade Utility is an interactive GUI interface that enables you to upgrade software via network.
E-Mail Notification
The DVR can send email and alert sounds with attached image or video clip on event. When someone walks into the cameras frame of view, email notification & alarm activates the DVR that in turn sends an email to programmed address. This feature alerts you via email and alert sounds that something is going on, instead of finding out when you come home or open up your business.
POS/ATM(Patent Pending)
Losses related to POS transactions can be a main cause of the shrinkage for the most part. The POS/ATM surveillance system uses video text overlay technology to provide visual contextual awareness that helps reduce shrinkage and protect asset against business losses. While working in conjunction with Data Capture, the DVR system helps you with tools to remotely monitor cashier area, associate POS transaction data with text and record videos for retroactive analysis, and even output alarms for emergency events.
NTP (Network Time Protocol)
NTP stands for Network Time Protocol and is a universal standard for time synchronization of computers or other devices on a network. CTRING's DVR is NTP-compatible and acts as a time server for any NTP-enabled client.
WCS (Watermark Check System)
All images are watermarked, to prevent editing on another image editing software. The WCS software will check whether the image is originally captured from the system or not. If the captured image has been altered or modified in any way, the software indicates that the image has been damaged and it will no longer be used as legitimate evidence.
The e-Map functions allow you mapping by using your local map. You can locate any camera from any remote server to your map by dragging and dropping from the list.
Audio Recording
Digitally record and playback both audio and video at the same time. Data is stored on HDD and can be easily transferred to CD/DVD-RW.
User Friendly
The most important factor for any system is ease of use. CTRING's intuitive interface technology with clear, menu-driven options is quick to learn and easy to use. You even have a selection of control devices to choose from, including a mouse or CCTV keyboard.
Mobile Viewer (Windows Mobile 6.1 or Higher)
Users may able to monitor their site no matter where they are by using their smartphone, users are able to access the DVR remotely.
Model V7104 V7108 V7116
Compression H.264 (Main Profile)
Signal Format HD-SDI (720p)
Video Input 4 HD-SDI (1080p, 1080i or720p) 8 HD-SDI (1080p, 1080i or720p) 16 HD-SDI (1080p, 1080i or720p)
VGA / HDMI Output 1 VGA / 1 HDMI (Max. 1920 x 1080p, Various Resolution)
Recording Rate Max. 60fps@720p Max. 120fps@720p Max. 112fps@720p
Max. 30fps@1080p Max. 60fps@1080p Max. 112fps@1080p
All inputs must be the same signal format
Dual Stream Selectable
Audio Compression ADPCM (16 Bit)
Audio Input 4 Inputs (RCA Jack) 8 Inputs (RCA Jack) 16 Inputs (RCA Jack)
Audio Output 1 Output (RCA Jack)
Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45)
PTZ Control RS-485/422 Serial Port 1 (Terminal Block)
Alarm Input 4 (TTL) Programmable as NC/NO 8 (TTL) Programmable as NC/NO 16 (TTL) Programmable as NC/NO
Alarm Output 4 (TTL) Programmable as NC/NO 8 (TTL) Programmable as NC/NO 16 (TTL) Programmable as NC/NO
USB Port 4 x USB (2 x Front Panel, 2 x Rear Panel)
Recording Qualities Super / High / Standard
Recording Modes Continuous / Alarm / Motion / Emergency
Pre-Alarm Recording up to 3 Hours / User Programmable
Motion Detection Yes (22 X 15)
Playback Speed X1, X2, X4, X8, X16, X32, X64, Extreme
Archive File Format EXE (Video Clip) / JPEG (Still Image)
NTP Server Yes
GMT Time Zone Yes
Auto DST Yes
Multi Language English / Danish / Chinese (Traditional) / Japanese / Korean / Italian / Polish / Russian / Chinese (Simplified) / Thai / Turkish / Spanish / French / Czech / German / Persian / Portuguese / Croatian / Arabic
3G Communication iPad / iPhone / Android / Blackberry / MS Mobile
Operating System Embedded Linux
OS Firmware Linux OS in Flash Memory
Emergency Recording Key Yes
Primary Storage SATA Hard Disk Drive (up to 3+1)
Clip Copy Storage Built-in Internal DVD-RW, Memory Stick
Dimension(WxHxD) 4CH : 430 mm x 88 mm x 380 mm / 16.93 inch x 3.46 inch x 14.96 inch
8 / 16CH : 430 mm x 88 mm x 430 mm / 16.93 inch x 3.46 inch x 16.93 inch
Operating Temperature 5`C~40`C / 41`F~104`F
Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90%
Power Adapter Free Voltage 12VDC, 6.67A 100 to 240 VAC, 1/2A, 50~60 Hz, Internal 250W
Power Consumption 51W 80W 95W
Agency Approval FCC / CE / UL (NRTL)


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