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H6Z0812AIVD Computar 1/2" 8-48mm f1.2 6X Manual Zoom Video Auto Iris C-Mount Lens


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H6Z0812AIVD Computar 1/2" 8-48mm f1.2 6X Manual Zoom Video Auto Iris C-Mount Lens. It provides a horizontal field of view of 81.6-30.0 degrees on a 1/2" camera. Iris aperture ranges from F1.2-16C for excellent low light performance. Lens is IR corrected which eliminates focus-shift when used with day/night cameras. Lens is CS-Mount, comprised of all glass optics, come with locking set screws and a durable metal barrel and mount. Manual Iris Lenses are used primarily for indoor use with stable or moderately variable lighting conditions. For 1/2" format cameras. Manual Iris; focus control. CS-mount lens. Focal Length : 8-48mm .Iris Range : F1.2. Max. Aperture Ratio : 1:1.2 .Down Angle View : 103.0 – 37.4 degrees. Horizontal View : 81.6 – 30.0 degrees . Vertical View : 60.4 – 22.6 degrees.Max. Image Format : 6.4mm x 4.8mm. CBC AMERICAS Corp. is part of a multi-billion dollar global network of Import Export, Trading and Distribution companies strategically located throughout the world. Our main areas of business are importation and distribution of, CCTV Security Products, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and Commercial Flooring. CBC recognizes that its greatest asset is its people. The factory houses state of the art process lines with injection molding machines, sputtering machines and robotics coating/painting machines.. CBC INGS AMERICA Inc. is a CBC Group Company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. We manufacture plastic molded and metal coated automotive parts for the North American automotive industry.

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