GV650 (60 FPS)

The GV-650 records movement in any user defined area by simply dragging a box over the selected video area. Like every GeoVision DVR Card, users can remotely monitor camera activity via a browser, network, or a 56k dialup connection with the supplied software. When an event trigger occurs, it will play an audio alarm to deter intruders if needed and /or will swiftly send a message alert to auto-dial your pager or cellular phone. It can also record the event in an audio/video file for later referral. With this the GV-650, you will be able to access the video evidence overt your LAN/WAN, 56k Dialup account and email it to your associates right from your desktop. There is no need for external motion detectors, multiplexer, splitters or any other bulky equipment. The GV-650 literally does it all at a fraction of the price that you would expect.