GV-LPR-CENTER-10 Geovision LPR Management Application - 10 Connections


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GV-LPR Center is a management application designed to control multiple GV-LPRs / GV-DSP LPRs and provide database synchronization capabilities. It is suitable for large scale LPR projects with the need for central management, such as traffic and law enforcement, franchise petrol station monitoring and drive-off prevention.

Key Features:

  • 10 Connection License
  • Supports up to 255 GV-LPR or GV-DSP LPR clients
  • Central database synchronization with GV-LPR clients
  • Up to 16 ports per page for video live view of GV-LPR or GV-DSP LPR (255 pages max.)
  • Group function
  • Receives recognition results, recognition images and overview images from GV-LPR clients
  • Support live event list
  • Receives recognition result alarms from GV-LPR or GV-DSP LPR clients
  • Remote relay trigger
  • Remote LPR desktop to control GV-LPR clients