Getting Geovision Online

Getting GeoVision Online
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Port forwarding is required before you can view the cameras online. There are several ports that are needed to be opened/forwarded.

Please feel free to find your router model and follow the step by step on how to forward these ports:


1) Go to Router index Select your router's model number on this page.
2) Select the application of GeoVision Webcam from the list
3) A full version of guideline will be showed up here. You just need to follow the instruction on the guideline to configure your router.
4) Control Panel --> Windows Firewall
5) Tab Exceptions --> hit Add Port
6) Add port 80 for the HTTP Port exception
7) Add port 4550 for the Command Port exception
8) Add port 5550 for the Data Port exception
9) Add port 5552 for the Remote Playback exception
10) Add port 6550 for the Audio Port exception
11) On the Muticam softeware, go to Network and select Webcam Server
12) Tab Server, check "Run GeoHTTP Server", hit OK to apply.
13) If webcam server is on, you will see Web on the right corner of the software.
14) Go to to check your external IP address.
15) Now, we can go to to view the cameras remotely.

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