GeoVision Which 3G adapters does Video Server/Compact DVR support?

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Video servers (VS12/VS04H) and Compact DVR V3 (LX4C3) support the following 3G adapters:
  1. HUAWEI E169, E220, E1692, EC169C, E1750, E1752, E1756 USB Modem (HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM)
  2. Novatel MC950D, MC996D, MC998D (HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM)
  3. Onda MSA523HS
  4. Verizon USB760 Modem (EVDO)
  5. Vodafone K3565 (Rev 2)

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