GeoVision When should I use POS Text Sender or the Data Capture Box?

Summary: This guide will give you an idea of when to either use the POS Text/Data Sender Solution or the Data Capture Box to integrate your POS to show Receipts / Journal Transactions on your Camera system for the purposes of Loss Prevention. This will provide an Integration approach to integrate unkown Point of Sales System with Geovision NVR/DVR Systems.

Please note: Data Capture Box Requires a serial or parallel printer to be connected to it, POS Text Sender is ideal for TCP/IP / Journal Files on the same subnet, POS Data Sender is ideal if you need to send a serial printer feed over TCP/IP.

Terms Defined

Journal File
      - Instead of using a Journal printer to print duplicate receipts to a duplicate printer, Journal files typically include terms useful for loss prevention purposes which are not normally not printed on a Receipt. Terms include Void, Delete, Employee Meal, etc.

OPOS Protocol
      - Traditionally defined as an IBM compatible Printer Driver, if there are compatible OPOS drivers for that Point of Sale / Terminal, the OPOS

      /Data Text Sender Solution can be used.

Generic Network Printer
      - Instead of using either Serial or Parallel Printers, Generic Network printers allow you to make a simple TCP/IP connection and output the feed on Port 9000. In order to use the feed, pos text sender will be reading that feed.

Printing Pooling
      - As the term is typically applied in Fast Casual Restaurants in which usually have multiple printers

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