GeoVision v8.59 PCI Compliance Patch

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Geovision may still shows up as non-PCI Compliant due to some requests still being in HTTP Format when using SSL Certificates

The following assumptions has been made in regards to further securing your system in order to make it more PCI Compliant

-Use of SSL Certficates and not using Default HTTP ports in the 80-90 Range. Do not port forward the HTTP Port
-Please make sure to Enable SSL under Server in the WebCam Server Settings

pci_ssl.PNG (17.81 KiB) Viewed 265 times

-Windows Firewall is enabled
-System is not on the DMZ
-Internet Explorer Filters are enabled
-Use of common sense passwords such as as Super/visor, Manager, 1, 12345678, or information that is contained within your personal information is not recommended


1. [url=""]Generate a SSL Certificate[/url] or purchase a SSL certificate for your domain

2. Instructions to replace the Webcamserver.exe file

A. Close down multicam and Control Center in the System Tray

B. Replace the WebcamerServer.exe file in the C:\GV-NVR ( Capture card) folder

C. Restart Multicam

D. Rescan for PCI Compliance