GeoVision v8.5 with Android 2.2 How To Instructions

Geovision v8.5 with Android 2.2 How To Instructions
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The official version of the Geovision v8.5.0 software has been released. This version contains only the updated version of the Main System and NVR (which is free for up to 32 channels when using Geovision IP cameras).

Step 1
Follow these instructions for removal of all Geovision settings/system files from your PC

Step 2
Download the official v8.50 software from our GeoVision Software Downloads page.

Step 3
Then install the drivers and the software as you would normally on past Geovision PCs.

Step 4
The Android 2.2 instructions can be found here:

Note: For a complete list of compatible phone platforms, please visit:

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