GeoVision Using Report Generator for Loss Prevention Purposes

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In addition to using the GV-Data Capture Box or Geovision POS Text Sender to Overlay the Receipt Transactions on video for the purposes of Loss Prevention Monitoring, one very great use of Report Generator is to provide you daily / Weekly Reports which show you everyting from Voids to if the Employee has logged into works for the particular day.

Instead of manually looking at Voids all day, you can use Report Generator to define the Queries that you would make on our System and have Report Generator send you a Report that can be sent to your E-mail. This makes it efficient to review Loss Prevention Criteria in a strategic manner.

Geovision GV-DVR/NVR System
POS Integration that receives the Receipt transaction
SMTP details to send an Email to a certain address
Correctly configured internet Explorer with Geovision Plugins

Note: Please note that Center V2 also has Report generator. The Center V2 Report Generator can be used to report one more than 1 location at a time.

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