GeoVision Sicom Integration for use with POS Text Sender

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Please be aware this integration will only work with the New Sicom XML feed in which utilizes the Transaction State ( New, InProgress, Paid, Served ) and will not work with the old Sicom format in which does not utilize the transaction state. This integration is installed on the DVR /NVR and is to be used with POS Text Sender.

-Works on either Windows XP, 7, or 8

-Sicom BOH Security Camera Interface must be enabled

-Requires installation of POS Text Sender

-Requires a POS Text Sender USB Dongle License

-Requires GV-DVR / NVR Software Installation

-Teminal Numbers and Journal Port must be configured correctly

-Both the Sicom Back of the House server and the DVR must be on the same subnet


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