GeoVision Password Removal Procedure

Password Removal Procedure
for GeoVision
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Remove Password through PassUninstall.exe
Applicable Multicam version: v5.4 and above

*Note: If "Allow removing password system" option was not checked during setup, you may not remove password database through PassUninstall.exe. In this case, reformatting Windows hard drive will be the only option to move password system completely

- Consult your system administrator first, PassUninstall.exe should only be executed when there is no other way to retrieve your user name and/ or password

- Since GeoVision password database is stored under Windows registry, reinstalling GeoVision Multicam software will not remove the password system

1. If you still have access to the GeoVision Multicam software, click on Configure, General Setting, Password Setup, then select Local Account Edit. If you are unable to access Multicam, proceed to Step 4 directly

2. Under Password Setup, place a checkmark by Allow removing password system then click OK

- If Allow removing password system option is not checked, you will not be able to run PassUninstall.exe

3. Close all GeoVision applications completely

- Make sure there is no login screen and Control Center Server has been closed in system tray
- If GeoVision Multicam keeps on restarting, remove Multicam Auto Start from Windows Startup folder then restart the DVR

4. Under My Computer, locate your GVxxx folder (default location is under C:\). Then, under the GV folder, locate and execute PassUninstall.exe (the icon is a hammer and a key)

5. Click on Yes when prompted for confirmation

6. After executing PassUninstall.exe...

- If the message "Please close all AP of Password System" comes up, at least one or more GeoVision applications are still running. Return to Step 3 and make sure none of the GeoVision application is running

If the message "Not enough privilege to remove the password system" comes up, the option "Allow removing password system" as shown in Step 2 was not checked. Repeat Step 1 and 2

- If you are unable to perform Step 1 and 2 and do not have enough privilege to remove the password either, then the only option to remove user name and password database completely will be to reformat the Windows system hard drive

- If the message "Successfully Removed Password System" comes up, proceed to the next step

7. After the password system has been removed, execute GeoVision Multicam system again (GVxxx.exe) and the software should prompt you to create a default set of user name and password for a Supervisor account

- Check on Allow removing password system to allow password removal through PassUninstall.exe in case the user name and password are lost again

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