GeoVision My download is slow, what can I do?

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The bandwidth allowed per user download will be determined by the server and equally shared by the amount of users logged in at that time.
Therefore, the download speed will generally be slower during the day when more users are downloading at the same time.

Here are some alternatives:
1. Download from a different network with a faster/more stable internet connection. Then, save the file on a thumb drive or on a disk and bring it back to the system for installation.
2. Download during the after hours or on weekends. Since fewer users download at night or on the weekends, you are more likely to get more bandwidth.
3. Use a third-party download application such as Flashget or FileZilla. There are numerous third-party download managers that will allow you to easily resume a download when the internet connection breaks. This will save you sometime by not having to restart the download all over again.