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How to Access Live Video on Mac OS X
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Applied to: Mac OS X 10.5 and above


To remotely access live video on the Mac OS X, it is required to open communication ports and modify certain default settings on the GV-System and the Mac.

At the GV-System:

1. On the main screen, click the Network button, click WebCam Server, click the 3GPP tab and then select the option box to enable.

2. If there is a router or firewall installed, ensure these communication ports required by the WebCam Server are open:

TCP Port: 8554
UDP Ports: 17300-17380
Command Port: 4550
Data Port: 5550
Audio Port: 6550

At the Client Computer (OS X 10.5 only):

1. On Mac OS X, open Quick Time preference panel from System Preferences.

2. Click the Advanced tab, and select Custom from the Transport Setup drop-down list.

3. Select UDP from the Transport Protocol drop-down list.

4. In the RTSP Port ID field, select Other and type 6970.

At the Web Browser:

1. Start your browser. Enter the IP address or the domain name of the GV-System, and type ID and password to log into the GV-System.

2. Click the desired camera and you should be able to watch its live video.

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