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GeoVision How to to disable intruder alert email notification remotely

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How to disable intruder alert email notification remotely


You could remotely disable the notification via mobile apps live GV-iView.

Please go to configure > accessories> I/O application setting > Press the arrow and you can select the desired I/O to deactivate.
Make sure “Deactivate notification when selected pin is ON” is checked.
*This can also be done on virtual I/O (I/O on IP cameras) or I/O card.

deactivate notification.jpg

As GV mobile apps can only trigger output, you can connect the output directly to the input on I/O box.
This means when you trigger the output from GV-iView,
this output will be acted as input and trigger the input on the I/O box.
When the input is triggered, the notification will be deactivated.

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