GeoVision How do I setup iView on iPhone?

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Refer to iPhone Setup Guide for step-by-step instructions to setup GV-iView or the directions below.

Note: Remote Viewing through your iPhone is only supported in Multicam software version 8.32 and above.

If you need Multicam software, please visit our downloads page and it will be located under "Software & Application Downloads".

Click here to download GV-iView iPhone app.

Part 1: Steps taken on the DVR side:

Webcam Configuration for Mobile

1. On the Main screen of Multicam, click on the “Network” button Webcam Server to bring up the Webcam Server Setup window.

2. Click on the “Mobile” tab and place a check mark within the check box to activate the mobile port.

3. Click on the JPG tab and place a check mark next to “Create JPEG/GIF file(s)”

4. Click OK to start Webcam.

5. Ports 8866 and 5511 would then need to be forwarded on the network router in order to support live view and playback respectively via the iPhone.

Part II: Steps taken on the iPhone

1. Open up the “App Store” application on the iPhone.

2. Select Search from the bottom of the screen and type in GV-iView.

3. Download and install the application that comes up as a result.

4. Once installation has finished, find and run the application.

5. In the following fields, type in the IP address, port number (8866), ID and Password to connect to the DVR you wish to.

Note: If a non-default HTTP port has been defined for the Webcam Server, please include that within the IP field as well. For example, an IP address,, with a non-default HTTP port of 8080 would be entered into the IP field as